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What is Life Insurance?

Insurance providing for payment of a sum of money to a named beneficiary upon the death of the policyholder or to the policyholder if still living after reaching a specified age, for the regular premium they pay to the insurance company. Life insurance is important, as it protects your family and lets you leave them a non-taxable amount at the time of death. It is also used to cover your mortgage and your personal loans. Life is valuable, and you cannot put a cash tag on it. But the reality is, one needs cash for survival. Life insurance is important for individuals with dependents to provide income replacement and to cover funeral expenses.


Why do we need life insurance?

One must own life insurance to ensure a better future of your near and dear ones because life is uncertain. Reasons why buying a life insurance policy

1. Burial Costs Add Up

2. Co-Signers Need Protection

3. Life Insurance Protects Your Business

4. Life Insurance Gives Families Peace of Mind

5. Childless Couples Can Benefit from Coverage

6. Buying Life Insurance Early Can Save You Money

7. You Can Use Life Insurance to Leave a Legacy


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