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As the market is digitalizing rapidly, LIC has also digitalized its setup completely. As one of the most trusted Life Insurance companies in India, millions of people in the country put down their faith in life insurance policies. To provide simpler and hassle-free services to its wide customer base, the company has started LIC e-services and holds online data of more than 10 crore insurance policies. With the help of online services, the insurance holder can now avail of many more facilities that were previously available only at the branch office. LIC e-service is an initiative taken by LIC to offer its customers on demand services within just a few clicks.

LIC Insurance Policies


The Jeevan Anand policy offers bonus facility. This is a sort of Double Death Benefit Plan that guarantees developed advantages if the insured person survives till the end of the maturity date. This arrangement involves high reward rate, normal premium and even phenomenal liquidity features. LIC’s New Jeevan Anand Plan is a participating non-linked plan which offers an attractive combination of protection and savings. LIC’s New Jeevan Anand Plan is a participating non-linked plan which offers an attractive combination of protection and savings.


LIC Jeevan Labh Plan. This is a limited premium paying non-linked endowment life insurance policy that provides both savings and protection to policyholders. The plan offers both death and maturity benefits along with profit participation bonuses. LIC Jeevan Labh is a non-linked, limited premium paying, with-profits endowment life insurance plan. To add to it, the LIC Jeevan Labh Plan offers death as well as maturity benefits with additional profit participation bonus. This plan has been rated high as one of the best-selling endowment plans offered by LIC.


LIC’s Jeevan Lakshya plan offers a wide range of benefits to the policy holders. there are many prominent benefits of Jeevan Lakshya plan. On maturity of the policy, policy holders are paid the Sum Assured along with the bonuses (Simple Reversionary Bonus and Final Addition Bonus). LIC Jeevan Lakshya Policy is a participating endowment plan which provides both investment and insurance benefits. Since it is a participating plan, bonus benefits will be available. In case of death of the policyholder, A regular income is provided to the nominee in addition to a lump sum at the date of Maturity.


LIC’s Jeevan Shiromani plan offers a combination of protection and savings. This plan is specially designed for High Net-worth Individuals. This plan provides financial support for the family in case of unfortunate death of the policyholders during the policy term. Periodic payments shall also be made on the survival of the policyholder at specified durations during the policy term and a lump sum payment to the surviving policyholder at the time of maturity. In addition, this plan also provides for payment of a lumpsum amount equal to 10% of the chosen Basic Sum Assured on the diagnosis of any of the specified Critical Illnesses. Basically, it is an efficient insurance plan that provides life protection as well as promotes savings. This plan is typically designed for High Net worth Individuals.

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