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What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance which insured customers for their medical expenses, including treatments, surgeries, hospitalization and the like which arise from injuries/illnesses, or directly pay out a certain pre-determined sum to the customer. So, basically health insurance is an agreement whereby insurance company agrees to undertake a guarantee of compensation for medical expenses in case the insured falls ill or meets with an accident which leads to hospitalization. A health insurance policy offers coverage for any future medical expenses of the customer.


Why do we need health insurance?

Here is why you need health insurance:

  • Health insurance pays for future illnesses/medical treatments without depleting your savings or negatively impacting your family’s financial future.
  • Medical costs are increasing rapidly and for those with insufficient savings, affording medical care becomes a problem during emergencies.
  • Cashless treatment possible with network hospitals while reimbursements are given by insurance companies in other cases.
  • Health insurance plans offer coverage for several types of ailments and surgeries along with other aspects of medical treatment.


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